Members' Aircraft Members' Aircraft Paul D. Fiebich a.k.a. "AirBike Ace" makes a photo pass. Photo by Brent L. Boggs 188191519 Jeremy Nichols' 1980 Q1 Cafe Racer Built at Mojave by Vic Turner in 1980, he used this plane to win first place - single seat experimental in the Cafe 400 for three years. It also won the Chevron award for fuel efficiency in 1985. I bought the plane in Aug. of 2013 as a restoration project. 187165598 Paul D. Fiebich flying his WWI wanna-be fighter off into the morning haze looking for Huns on the Western Front. Photo by James P. Wiebe. 188191518 Chapter President Bill Lindsay flying the CAF Jayhawk Wings 1943 Fairchild PT-23 201312567