Chapter 88

Wichita, KS

Rent EAA Chapter 88's Building for Events

Located just 10 minutes from downtown Wichita, the Chapter's Building open design, adjacent kitchen and view of the airport runway make it the perfect economical venue for your organization's banquet, meeting, social event or gathering. The site is also ideal for an economic alternative for a wedding ceremony, reception or other special event.

 Renting the EAA Chapter 88 Clubhouse


 3612 N Webb Rd

Wichita, KS 67226


 A Deposit of $100 is required

 Daily fee must be payed in advance.


Local EAA Member's Charge            $50 

Non-Member                       $100



To be maintained in building.




Table and chairs may be used but must be returned to original location.

Must be left in condition it was rented in.

If clean-up is required a $50 minimum charge is assessed. ( Trash not taken out, kitchen not clean, carpet not swept.)



Lights - All lights to be turned off except for lights which were previously on.

Temperature - Set thermostat back to what it was when you arrived.

Ceiling Fan - Make sure turned off.

Water - Make sure faucets are turned off and toilets are not running.



Container outside on East side of building.




Bill Lindsay 316-880-5988

Mike Flynn 316-617-6686

Bob Blanton 316-841-2921



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